Diesel Knuckle Booms

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Diesel knuckle boom lifts include several boom sections that hinge, providing operators with a mix of up, out, and over positioning options.

They’re ideal for restricted access and hard-to-reach places. Knuckle booms are excellent for outdoor construction and industrial applications where the articulating boom lift’s agility allows operators to avoid obstacles such as fixtures, walls, and other obstacles.


Genie z3422j

34ft (Genie Z34/22J)

450aj gallery silo

45ft (JLG450AJ)

Genie z5130j

51ft (Genie Z51/30J)

Jlg 600aj e1705284447277

60ft (JLG 600AJ)

Jlg 800aj

80ft (JLG 800AJ)

Z135 70

135ft (Genie Z135/70)

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A knuckle boom lift is used to get access to locations that are difficult to reach directly and need an up-and-over approach. You can operate with a knuckle boom even if there are impediments in the way, such as machines, walls, and other fixtures. 

You can count on AusDirect Hire Group to provide you with the right diesel knuckle boom lift for the task, no matter what it is.

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