Electric Knuckle Booms

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Electric Knuckle Booms

30ft (JLGE300AJP)

Genie z3422n

34ft (Genie Z34/22N)

Genie z4525jdc

45ft (Genie Z45/25J DC)

Haulotte ha20lepro

60ft (Haulotte HA20LE Pro)

Electric knuckle boom lifts are versatile pieces of equipment designed for reaching difficult areas in construction, maintenance, and warehousing tasks. They feature jointed arms that can extend and bend in multiple directions, allowing operations at various heights and angles, hence the name ‘knuckle.’

Being electric-powered, these lifts are environmentally friendly, producing no emissions and operating quietly, making them ideal for indoor use or in noise-sensitive environments.

Furthermore, they offer precise control and maneuverability, even in tight spaces, enhancing safety and efficiency. With their compact design, electric knuckle boom lifts contribute significantly to modern access solutions.

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