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Access Hire in Brisbane

Brisbane Scissor Lift Hire When You Need It

Our Brisbane scissor lifts provide your team with a stable working platform at any height you need, and they’re surprisingly easy to use. 

You can have your operators trained in a couple of days, meaning your project can get underway quickly. The other great reason to consider hiring a scissor lift in Brisbane is its versatility. 

We’ve got lifts that require minimal ground and floor space to operate – effectively no bigger than the working platform itself.

For a full range of diesel and electric scissor lifts, contact us today to get your construction projects started safely and seamlessly.

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Our Brisbane Boom Lift Hire Promises Flexibility

For those hard-to-reach places, hiring a boom lift, also called cherry picker, give you incredible flexibility in the way you work. Unlike other access equipment that simply goes up and down, a boom lift can be manipulated into difficult areas. 

Here at Aus Direct Hire in Brisbane we’re your construction equipment hire experts, and we’re always happy to recommend the right gear for your job. If that job requires accessing narrow areas, the answer will always be a boom lift.

Our boom lifts are easy to operate, and allow you to move freely around a difficult work site. So, whether you’re pruning tall trees or working on a multi-storey construction site, boom lifts provide a safe, cost-effective and convenient solution

Use the Advantages of a Knuckle Boom Lift Brisbane

If you’re working on a busy construction site, or any other outdoor application, a knuckle boom lift may be the perfect solution. 

Hiring a knuckle boom crane from Aus Direct Hire gives you the ability to work around and over obstacles that you normally couldn’t surpass. Best of all, you can maintain a stable base on the ground while moving the boom.

Our knuckle boom cranes also offer exceptional lifting weight, with a wide payload space making them suitable for a huge range of construction applications. 

With the ability to use different hydraulic attachments, knuckle booms are a useful addition to any project. Talk to our team today and your needs, and we’ll find the perfect solution.

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Hire a Telehandler and Lift Heavy Loads

Unsure if you need a crane or a forklift? A telehandler may be exactly what you need. Our telehandlers are great for heavy lifting across all types of applications, including agricultural and construction sites. 

They’re even extremely useful in warehouses to reach those places that a traditional forklift simply can’t.

The other great thing is their versatility. Our Brisbane telehandlers can be fitted with a range of attachment heads such as scoops, buckets, winches and much more. 

You’ll also get the benefit of being able to go almost anywhere, with a telehandler’s 4WD technology making it a great solution for rough terrain.

Look After Your Staff

Ultimately, all of our access and lifting equipment is designed to make life easier for your workers. These solutions remove the need to set up time-consuming and expensive scaffolding, which means you can spend more time getting the job done and less time setting up for it. By taking a lot of manual lifting away from your workers, you’re looking after their safety too, which should always be paramount. 

For high-quality, safe and reliable machinery and plant equipment hire in Brisbane, look no further than Aus Direct Hire. We’ve got you covered on all of the big jobs.

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