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AusDirect Hire Group a trusted name in forklift hire. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for all your material handling needs. With an extensive range of forklifts available, we cater to various industries and applications. 

Whether in construction, warehousing, retail, or any other industry that requires heavy lifting, we have the right forklift for you. Our fleet includes electric and diesel-powered forklifts with varying lift capacities to handle any task.

At AusDirect Hire Group, we don’t just rent out equipment. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team offers expert advice to ensure you get the most suitable forklift for your project, and our flexible hire options mean we can accommodate both short-term and long-term requirements.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, safety, and value for money, AusDirect Hire Group is your go-to partner for forklift hire. Let us take the load off your shoulders with our exceptional service and top-of-the-line equipment.

AusDirect Hire Group offers a diverse range of forklifts to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re moving heavy loads or navigating tight spaces, our fleet is designed to tackle any challenge. From counterbalance forklifts and reach trucks to rough terrain models, each forklift in our line-up delivers reliability, efficiency, and safety. Explore our range and find the perfect forklift for your operation.

2.5t dual (Toyota 8FG25)

The 2.5t Dual Toyota 8FG25 is a versatile forklift for indoor and outdoor use on smooth terrain. It has various lift capabilities and attachment options, making it a flexible choice for many material handling needs.

This model is an engine counterbalance type forklift with a substantial lift capacity of 2500kg. It has a lift height of 4.7m, allowing it to handle tasks requiring significant reach. Furthermore, it operates on dual fuel – LPG and petrol – providing flexibility in fuel choice.

The Toyota 8FG25 also features a 4.3m 3-stage container mast and can achieve a lift height of up to 6500mm. Its collapsed height is 2110mm, and it comes equipped with 1070mm forks.

In addition to its impressive lift capabilities, the Toyota 8FG25 is known for its durability and reliability. The model is popular in the hire industry due to its robust performance.

The forklift’s dual-fuel functionality allows it to operate on either LPG or petrol, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in various settings. Its solid tyres, side shift and dual fuel system further enhance its versatility and usability.

Whether you’re managing a warehouse, construction site, or retail store, the 2.5t Dual Toyota 8FG25 offers a reliable, high-capacity solution for your lifting and material handling needs.

3t dual (CAT GP30N)

The 3t Dual CAT GP30N is a robust and versatile forklift, designed for both indoor and outdoor use on a variety of terrains. This model offers various lift capabilities and attachment options, making it a flexible choice for many material handling applications.

Manufactured between 2019 and 2023, the CAT GP30N LPG forklift has a nominal load at the centre of gravity of 3 tonnes. The forklift has standard front tyres measuring 28×9-15-12, providing stability and support during heavy lifting tasks.

The CAT GP30N boasts a basic capacity of 3 tonne and a maximum fork height of 4.7m. It operates on gas or LPG, offering flexibility in fuel choice. The 2017 GP30N5 model even features a dual fuel engine (LP Gas/Gas), an automatic transmission, and a 3-stage mast with a side shift.

The CAT GP30N is not only known for its impressive lift capabilities but also for its reliability and durability.

Whether operating in a warehouse, construction site, or any other environment that requires heavy lifting, the 3t Dual CAT GP30N provides a reliable, high-capacity solution for your lifting and material handling needs.

2.5t diesel (CAT DP25N)

The 2.5t Diesel CAT DP25N is a powerful and versatile forklift that handles indoor and outdoor smooth terrains. With various lift capabilities and attachment options, it offers a flexible solution for various material handling applications.

The CAT DP25N boasts a nominal load at the COG of 2,500kg. It comes equipped with standard front tyres measuring 7.00-12-12, which provide stability and support during heavy lifting tasks.

The CAT DP25N is a diesel counterbalance-type forklift with a capacity of 2,500 kg. However, it’s de-rated to 2,200kg at a 500 mm load centre, offering a balance of power and precision.

Known for its reliability and robust performance, the 2.5t Diesel CAT DP25N offers a reliable, high-capacity solution for your lifting and material handling needs.

2.5t Rough terrain (Manitou MH25-4T)

The 2.5t Rough Terrain Manitou MH25-4T is a high-performance forklift that handles the toughest environments. It offers a flexible solution for material handling needs in construction sites, industrial applications, and other demanding terrains.

With a capacity of 2.5 tonnes, the Manitou MH25-4T is powered by a diesel engine, making it well-suited to outdoor operations. Its four-wheel drive capability enables it to navigate rough terrain with ease, while its ground clearance of 23cm ensures it can overcome most obstacles.

One of the standout features of the Manitou MH25-4T is its compactness. Despite its robust capacity, it has a width of only 1.45m, which allows it to move around confined spaces efficiently.

The forklift’s lift height is also impressive, reaching up to 3.7m, thanks to its triplex mast. This makes it ideal for tasks that require significant reach.

In addition to its lifting capabilities, the Manitou MH25-4T prides itself on its comfort and safety features. It boasts a spacious driver’s cabin with ergonomic controls, ensuring operator comfort even during long working hours. Moreover, it includes safety systems like a load indicator and a seat presence detection system to ensure safe operation.

Whether operating in a construction site, an industrial setting, or any other environment that requires navigating rough terrain, the 2.5t Rough Terrain Manitou MH25-4T offers a reliable, high-capacity, and safe solution for your lifting and material handling needs.

Forklift Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to hire a forklift and have questions, our FAQ provides clear answers to the most common queries. This guide is designed to make your forklift hiring process easier and more informed.

AusDirect Hire Group offer a variety of forklifts for hire, including counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, rough terrain forklifts, and high-capacity forklifts. The type of forklift you need will depend on your specific requirements, such as the weight of the items you’re moving and the working environment.

The cost to hire a forklift can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the type of forklift and, the duration of the hire. It’s best to contact us directly for a quote.

Yes, operating a forklift requires a high-risk work licence. Please check with our friendly team of experts if you are unsure.

Yes, there are different types of forklifts suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Electric forklifts are generally used indoors due to zero emissions, while diesel and LPG forklifts are usually used outdoors.

AusDirect Hire Group offers flexible hire periods, from one day to several months or years. The hire period will depend on your individual needs.

If the forklift breaks down during the rental period, isolate the machine and DO NOT USE THE MACHINE. Contact us immediately and we will advise of the next steps.

Yes, we deliver and collect the forklift to and from your premises.

Safety equipment like hard hats, high visibility vests, and safety shoes are usually required when operating a forklift.

If you don’t have the relevant PPE, chat with our friendly team of experts who can help supply your PPE needs.

Yes, AusDirect Hire Group offer forklifts with attachments such as fork extensions, lifting jib and rotator.

Our friendly team of experts are available to assist with your needs.

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