LED Lighting Tower Hire

Uses of Lighting Towers

Construction Sites:

For concerts, festivals, sports events, and other outdoor events that take place after dark, lighting towers can provide the necessary illumination to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.

In emergency situations or disaster relief efforts, lighting towers can provide crucial illumination when power sources may be damaged or unavailable.

Lighting towers are often used during road construction or repair work that continues into the night. They help ensure the safety of workers and motorists.


Lighting towers are portable, efficient at directing light, and crucial for ensuring safety and visibility in poorly lit conditions like tunnels, making them an essential tool in such environments.

In mining operations, especially those that operate 24/7, lighting towers are crucial for maintaining visibility and safety.

Film & TV Production:

During harvest season, farmers often work late into the night. Lighting towers can provide the necessary illumination for these activities.

In large outdoor areas such as parking lots or warehouses, lighting towers can help enhance security by illuminating dark corners where potential intruders could hide.

Lighting towers are used in military operations to light up temporary bases, training grounds, or areas of operation during nighttime.

Many industries, such as manufacturing and processing plants, use lighting towers for their operations that continue round-the-clock.

Why AusDirect Hire for Your Lighting Tower Hire Needs?

One of the key aspects that sets us apart is our commitment to quality. We meticulously maintain our equipment to ensure it performs optimally, reducing the chances of downtime at your project site.

Our lighting towers are designed for various lighting needs, including heavy construction sites and mines. With articulated masts and long run times between refuels, our towers provide consistent, dependable lighting.

Reliability is another cornerstone of our service. At AusDirect Hire Group, we ensure that we have availability of lighting towers when you need them. We understand that your project timelines are crucial, and having reliable equipment is non-negotiable. That’s why we strive to meet every client’s needs with prompt and efficient service.

Moreover, our lighting tower hire service is cost-effective. We offer competitive rental rates, providing daily, weekly, and monthly options for your project duration. In addition to this flexibility, hiring from us eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing equipment, maintenance expenses, and storage costs, making it a financially smart choice.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support. Our team is always ready to assist you in choosing the right lighting tower for your needs and answering any questions you may have about our service.

LED Lighting Tower Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions about hiring lighting towers. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below, our friendly team are ready to take your call.

A general construction site should have at least 160 lux for general work areas. The amount of light needed can vary depending on the size and nature of the project. Our friendly team of experts are here to help you identify how much light your site requires.

The coverage area can vary based on the specific model of the light tower. You should calculate the area you need to light and our friendly team of experts will be able to advise you about the coverage of our light towers.

Consider factors like the size of your site, the amount of light required, power needs, and your budget. Our friendly team of experts will be able to recommend the best light tower based on these factors.

Portable light towers are easy to move around, making them ideal for projects that require mobility. They can illuminate large areas and often come with adjustable height options.

Most light towers use diesel fuel, but there are also models that use other types of fuel or are solar-powered.

The run time can vary based on the specific model and fuel capacity. Some models can run continuously for up to 60 hours.

The height can vary based on the model. Most light towers can extend anywhere from 15 to 30 feet.

Basic operation of a light tower is straightforward, but it’s always best to chat with our friendly team of experts and request a demonstration or instructions to ensure safe and efficient use.

Rental terms can vary based on your needs. It’s common to see daily, weekly, or monthly rental options. Check with our friendly team of experts to ensure you understand all terms of hire.

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