Athenna 1090 EVO

With increased maximum working heights, a more powerful engine and new basket capacity, enjoy improved efficiency when completing projects with the Athena 1090 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift.

A standout feature of these new Scissor Lifts is its ability to operate on an incline of up to 20 degrees, while still being able to take users up to an 8m working height. This is a result of its proactive and dynamic levelling system, which instinctively self-aligns at heights and self-levels whilst driving stowed at speed.


Basket capacity 300 kg (2 op.)
Max working height 10 m
Max height basket floor 8 m
Moving height 7 m
Powered Kubota Z602 (12.5kW)
Accelerator Auto
Undercarriage Bi-levelling
Basket levelling Auto
Longitudinal levelling front +/- 15°
Longitudinal levelling rear +/- 20°
Lateral levelling +/- 14°
Power generator (option) 220V-1kW
Electric pump (option) 220V-2kW
Hydraulic commands Proportionals
Dynamic levelling system Yes
Pro Active levelling system Yes
Direction control system Yes
Easy-drive system Yes
Kit for high speed max 2.7 km/h
Ground emergency Yes
Control of inclination Auto
Gradeability 25°
Side slope 21°
Length 2.26 m
Width 1.46 ÷ 1.64 m
Min. machine height with folded railings 2.05 (1.89) m
Total weight 2,900 kg
Compliance EN 280, ANSI, CSA, ASNZS1418



Delivery & Returns

AusDirect Hire Group provides a dedicated transport vehicle for the delivery and collection of all hire equipment. Price of delivery and collection will be provided prior to each hire.

Please advise upon hire, if you have specific access requirements.

At the end of your hire period, please get in touch with the team on 1300 773 292 to schedule collection of the equipment. Please have all equipment cleaned and ready for collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account holders: minimum hire is one day. Maximum hire unlimited.

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For your convenience, we have a minimum hire of one full day, ensuring you have ample time to complete your project.

Beyond the minimum hire period, you can choose to hire the equipment for as long as you require, depending on your specific needs and the availability of the equipment. We’re here to support you throughout the duration of your project, whether it’s a short-term task or a long-term endeavor.

If you have any questions about the rental duration or need assistance in determining the optimal hire period for your project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We’re more than happy to help!

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We understand that unexpected issues can occur while using the hired equipment, and we’re here to help. If the equipment you’ve hired breaks down, please follow these steps:

  1. Isolate the equipment to ensure safety and prevent any further damage or accidents. This may involve turning off the equipment, disconnecting it from power sources, or moving it to a secure location.
  2. Call our friendly team immediately to report the issue. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to troubleshoot the problem and determine the best course of action. Depending on the situation, we may provide guidance on fixing the issue, arrange for repairs, or replace the equipment as needed.

Rest assured that we’re committed to providing exceptional customer support and ensuring your project stays on track. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you encounter any problems with the equipment or have any concerns during your rental period. 

With extensive experience in various sectors such as Construction, Mining, Civil Energy, Film & TV, and Events, our knowledgeable team members have hands-on expertise with a wide range of EWP equipment.

They will carefully assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable EWP, ensuring that you receive the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re unsure about which Elevated Work Platform (EWP) to hire, our specialist team of experts is here to assist you in making the right choice for your project.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let our experts guide you through the process of selecting the ideal EWP for your project.



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