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Welcome to AusDirect Hire Group, your trusted partner for scissor lift hire in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

We cater to a variety of industries including construction, maintenance, and warehousing, offering a cost-effective solution for your elevated work needs.

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Our Range of Scissor Lifts

We take pride in our diverse range of scissor lifts, designed to meet various project requirements.

Our fleet includes electric scissor lifts, ideal for indoor and quiet operations; tracked scissor lifts, perfect for rough terrains and steep slopes; and all-terrain scissor lifts, designed to perform in challenging outdoor environments.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts serve as an efficient elevated work platform (EWP), offering a temporary workspace, especially when operations demand elevation.

These lifts operate on electric motors, which are appreciated for their silent running and zero-emission capabilities. This makes them a perfect fit for indoor applications or in scenarios where noise and air pollution need to be kept at a minimum.

Outfitted with non-marking tyres, these lifts are the go-to solution for projects in shopping centres and indoor spaces and can also be deployed outdoors for various construction tasks on firm, level surfaces.

The defining feature of these lifts is their intersecting metal supports, or ‘scissors’, which expand vertically to raise the platform.

Electric scissor lifts are commonly employed for maintenance jobs, installation assignments, and picking stock in warehouse settings. However, they may not be the best choice for uneven outdoor landscapes or situations that require substantial mobility and adaptability because their movement is primarily restricted to vertical elevation.

All Terrain Scissor Lifts

All-terrain scissor lifts are sturdy aerial platforms engineered to function efficiently on uneven and challenging outdoor terrains. Outfitted with robust, durable tires and often boasting a four-wheel drive, these lifts provide enhanced stability and traction.

They’re usually powered by diesel engines and offer larger platform capacities, making them a fitting choice for construction sites, outdoor events, or any scenario that calls for work at elevated heights under rough conditions.

However, due to their substantial size and noise output, all-terrain scissor lifts might not be the best fit for indoor tasks or in settings where space is at a premium.

Moreover, they may not be the optimal option if the job demands considerable horizontal movement since scissor lifts primarily provide vertical lift.

As with operating any heavy-duty machinery, it’s crucial to adhere to safety procedures when using these lifts strictly. This includes wearing the appropriate safety equipment, ensuring the machine is operated on stable terrain, and staying within the specified weight limit.

Tracked Scissor Lifts

Tracked scissor lifts, sometimes referred to as crawler scissor lifts, are a unique kind of aerial work platform that comes equipped with tracks instead of standard wheels.

These tracks offer enhanced stability and balanced weight distribution, empowering the lift to traverse over uneven, rough, or soft terrains while causing minimal surface disruption.

This makes these tracked scissor lifts an optimal pick for projects situated in challenging outdoor settings like construction sites, woodland areas, or on hilly terrains.

Our scissor lifts come equipped with all mandatory safety features (our fleet is stepped up to a tier one standard) such as anti-slip platforms, guard rails, and emergency stop buttons.

At AusDirect, we prioritise your safety above all else. 

AusDirect Hire Group take great pride in ensuring the quality and safety of our hire equipment.

Prior to each rental, our machinery, including scissor lifts, goes through a rigorous servicing process conducted by our team of expert technicians.

This process includes thorough inspections, routine maintenance, and any necessary repairs to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Furthermore, all our equipment is fully compliant with industry standards and regulations.

We are committed to providing not only high-quality, efficient machines but also to ensuring the safety and peace of mind of our clients.

When you choose to hire from us, you can be confident that you’re receiving equipment that is well-maintained, reliable, and compliant with all safety guidelines.

At AusDirect Hire Group, we provide transportation services to ensure your scissor lift arrives at your site ready to go to work, ensururing the hiring process is as seamless as possible.

At AusDirect Hire Group, we pride ourselves on making the hiring process as smooth and effortless as possible for our clients. 

Whether you’re hiring a scissor lift for a city construction project or a remote site, you can rely on AusDirect Hire Group for prompt, reliable delivery, ensuring your project proceeds without unnecessary delays.

We offer competitive pricing tailored to your project duration and specific equipment type.

Our clear and straightforward hire terms ensure you understand all the details before confirming your booking.

For your convenience and support, our dedicated team at AusDirect Hire Group is readily available to assist with your Scissor Lift hire booking.

Whether you’re unsure about which type of equipment best suits your project, need assistance with the booking process, or have questions about our services, our office staff is just a phone call away.

We’re committed to providing you with a smooth, hassle-free booking experience and ensuring you get the right equipment for your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries or support regarding your Scissor lift hire equipment.

Scissor Lift Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions about hiring scissor lifts, providing information on licensing requirements, usage guidelines, and troubleshooting common issues.

A scissor lift is a type of aerial work platform that can move vertically to provide a temporary workspace at height.

Scissor lifts are used in various settings like construction sites, warehouses, and maintenance work where tasks need to be performed at height.

Considerations include the ground surface (it needs to be stable and level), the available space for manoeuvring, and overhead obstacles.

There are different types including electric scissor lift, diesel-powered scissor lift, all-terrain scissor lift, tracked scissor lift, and narrow scissor lifts.

The height a scissor lift can reach depends on the model but typically ranges between 10 to 60+ feet.

While both provide elevated workspaces, scissor lifts only move vertically, whereas boom lifts can extend in multiple directions.

Yes, you will require either a Yellow Card (under 11m) and/or a High Risk licence (over 11m).

Standard electric scissor lifts are best suited for flat, solid surfaces. For rough, uneven terrains, all-terrain or tracked scissor lifts are recommended.

Safety requirements include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, adhering to weight limits, and ensuring the lift is used within it’s recommended limits.

At AusDirect Hire Group, we’re committed to providing quality equipment and exceptional customer service.
Trust us for all your scissor lift hire needs.

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