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Onsite Support with Our Service Vehicles

Onsite Support for Your Equipment with Our Service Vehicles

In our commitment to providing comprehensive support, AusDirect Hire Group’s service vehicle is not just for our own hire equipment.

We extend our exceptional service to your personal machinery as well.

If you own equipment that needs maintenance or repair, our fully stocked service vehicle and professional team are ready to assist.

Our expert technicians are trained to handle a wide range of equipment types and brands. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or an unexpected issue, we bring the same level of care and expertise to your EWP equipment as we do to our own.

With AusDirect Hire Group, you can have peace of mind knowing your EWP equipment, hired or owned, is running at its best allowing you to focus on what you do best – completing your projects efficiently and safely.

We understand that downtime can be costly and that every minute counts when you’re working on a project. That’s why our service vehicle is equipped to handle everything from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs.

Whether it’s a simple service to keep your equipment running smoothly or an urgent repair to get a machine back up and running, our expert technicians have got you covered.

Driving our service vehicles are a team of certified technicians with years of industry experience and deep knowledge of our equipment range. They is adept at quickly diagnosing issues and implementing effective solutions, ensuring your hired equipment is back in operation as quickly as possible.

At AusDirect Hire Group, we understand that prompt service is paramount, that’s why we focus on maintaining swift response times.

Once your call is placed or a request is made, our service vehicle is dispatched promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Always Available

Our service vehicle is on call to ensure your project stays on track.

Whether you need scheduled maintenance or unexpected assistance, we’re just a phone call away.

Our team operates during business hours and on-call for long-term contracts, so you can rest assured knowing help is available when you need it.

Simply give us a call, and we’ll dispatch our team to your site promptly.

For more information or to schedule a visit from our service vehicle, please Contact Us.
With AusDirect Hire Group by your side, you can focus on what matters most – successfully completing your project

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